Just about avoiding burnout

I was stuck at home with 4 kids during the lock-down in Ireland. As a single parent, I was overwhelmed with juggling a full-time job, a side business, and teaching 4 kids. I also got seriously annoyed with all those articles providing a huge list of resources and ideas that parents could do to entertain and teach their kids. It was a complete information overload, and not helpful at all. To make it worse, my family lives in a different country. I know planes were flying but would it be really safe for my mother to travel? I needed quick solutions that worked for us all without jeopardizing anybody's mental health or our financial stability.

At that time I couldn't find it. So for all those parents out there having to work from home with their kids, I hope this list will help you. I wanted activities that are safe and fun, and do not require a printer. Activities should also be a mix of electronics and no electronics.

Remember, all families are different. What works for me, might not work for you. Also, don't underestimate your children. They can learn complex skills faster than you think. My 8-year-old one became an expert in making pancakes and loves to experiment in the kitchen.

If you have a tip, please share it!